Big Bang Exercises; the Best Bang for Your Buck

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“A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player’s personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team.”

-Pat Riley

Volumes have been written regarding exercise and endless are the variations of movement patterns and challenges.

However, the greatest benefit in calorie-burning, increased metabolism and functional integration of the whole body system come from the big bang exercises.

Compound multi-joint movement patterns, performed correctly, continue to produce the greatest results as they require the entire system to function in an integrated manner.

Big Bang exercises strengthen the large muscle systems thus stimulating a significant metabolic response while dramatically improving strength of the inner unit or core musculature.

Two big bang exercises include the squat and the dead lift.

Although many people might view such exercises as pure body-building or power lifting exercises they will serve the average and ordinary person on many levels.

The squat falls into the general primal pattern movement category of sitting and the dead-lift requires both sitting and bending.

Therefore, performed appropriately, both exercises will improve the over-all function of sitting and bending which are required movements not only in everyday living but also most recreational and sporting activity.

For example, the sport of golf requires an extensive cumulative duration of sitting and bending from the address position which often results in performance loss and injury in the later portion of the game due to core muscle fatigue.

Squats and dead-lifts don’t need to be intimidating and may be done with relatively light to moderate weight performed slowly at a moderate pace which will allow longer time under tension (TUT) thus challenging the slow twitch core muscles.

If you wish to avoid placing weight over the spine during a squat you may modify the movement with a Jefferson Squat and hold an upright dumbbell in two hands, or a medicine ball between the legs or on your chest.

Dead lifts may be modified with a Sumo Dead Lift with a wider stance with toes slightly turned outward. Again, lighter weight and slower movement will decrease the force loads on the spine while offering the stimulation of the inner unit core muscles and integrating the entire body toward improved generalized movement function.

In conclusion, improved performance of generalized movement patterns directly translates into better sports performance and injury prevention. If you are like most people and wish to gain the best bang for your buck from the exercises you perform in the gym then I highly recommend compound movements such as the big bang exercises.

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